collaborative Arab and Jewish non-profit organization that develops hi-tech in the Arab community as an economic lever and catalyst for shared society in Israel.

as an economic lever and catalyst for shared society in Israel.

Self empowering for integration
and entry of students and engineers
to a successful career in the high-tech industry

Cooperation with companies
in order to open doors for talents
from the Arab community

Building community of Jews and Arabs
In high-tech to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech companies

Courses and trainings technologies
for professional development and personal skills

The unique model developed by Tsofen-Tashbik over its 15 years of activity allows for the accelerated integration of academic engineers from the Arab society into advanced industries in Israel in software, hardware, information systems, and other technology-based fields.

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Courses and Training Programs

Dreaming of a career in high-tech? Computer science and engineering students or graduates – come develop professionally and integrate into your first position! The courses and training programs of Tsofen-Tashbik are in cooperation with the leading companies in the industry.

Mentoring Program

Take part in a mentoring model for Arab talents – through which students and recent graduates from the fields of engineering, software and computers receive personal guidance, empowerment and mentoring in their absorption processes in the high-tech industry.
Hundreds of veteran and experienced mentors from the high-tech industry, including senior executives and CEOs of leading companies are currently active in our mentoring program.

Together the mentors and mentees create a professional and social community of Arab engineers in the Israeli high-tech industry. sounds interesting? Join us as mentors.

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